Our Rigorous Vineyard Research

  • SmartVineyards research shows that soil water tension can be used to track grapevine water tension
    In 2013, SmartVineyards rigorously researched the relationship between grapevine stress and soil water at 18 research stations in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

    This research clearly shows that soil water tension in the grapevine root zone (if measured properly) has a high (>90%) correlation with grapevine stem water tension (the standard industry indicator of grapevine water stress, measured with a pressure chamber).

    This research is outlined and illustrated in the text, pictures, and links below.
  • Our 2013 research was designed to answer 3 questions:
    1. Does soil water tension have a strong direct relationship to mid-day, grapevine stem water tension, that is, to grapevine water stress?

    2. Does soil water tension (which is the least expensive to measure) provide an equal or better estimate than soil volumetric water (which is much more expensive to measure) of a grapevine's stem water tension (which is very expensive to measure)?

    3. Can soil water tension readings be returned to a vineyard manager's desktop browser in real-time to help guide irrigation and canopy management decisions, using a station->cellular->internet->browser data pathway?
  • The answers are "Yes", "Yes", and "Yes" and are the basis of the SmartVineyards tension management system
    Here is a slideshow, "SmartVineyards 2013 Research - Introduction", illustrating our vineyard sites and research methods, with summary data from all 18 stations. Commentary on each slide is found on the right hand side.

    Here is a slideshow, "SmartVineyards 2013 Research - Analysis", illustrating the greater than 90% correlation between soil water tension and mid-day, grapevine stem water tension for "root-linked" sensors, on which the SmartVineyard irrigation management system is based. Examples of this high correlation are shown for a medium, low, and high stress vineyard, with peak, end-of-season, stem water potentials of 10 bars, 7 bars, and 13 bars, respectively.

    The charts and tables shown in these slideshows and elsewhere on this website are examples of the data returned to SmartVineyard clients, in real-time, to help them improve their irrigation and canopy management decisions.

At a Very Affordable Price

Each SmartVineyards tension monitor kit includes everything you need, to install sensors and monitor and report soil tension to a collector and transmitter for relay to your browser, for just $450. Up to 20 tension monitors can report through a single SmartVineyards system.

One collector is needed in each SmartVineyards system, to receive data from up to 20 tension monitors and relay it to the transmitter. A SmartVineyards collector is just $550.

One transmitter is needed in each SmartVineyards system to relay data to the internet. A PC transmitter relays data through a local PC and is just $350. A SmartVineyards cellular transmitter relays data through a local cell tower and is just $950.

Everything you need to install and connect a SmartVineyards system is included in your installation bundle. With the above prices, the bundle price for a tension system with transmitter and collector, and tension monitors in 5 vineyard blocks is just $3,150 with a PC-linked transmitter or just $3,750 with a cellular transmitter.

Sensor data is delivered to the browser on your desktop, laptop, or smart phone for just $15 per monitor plus $15 per transmitter per month, with comparisons, charts, and downloads available to improve every irrigation decision.

The cost of the data from a 5-monitor SmartVineyards system with tension monitors in 5 vineyard blocks is $90 per month - a cost greatly exceeded by improvements in irrigation, quality, and yield.

Compare to systems from Davis, Spectrum, Ranch, or Campbell for cost or benefit.

No one else comes close.

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