About SmartVineyards

The SmartVineyards plug-and-play soil tension monitoring system was developed by NW Vineyards Consulting in collaboration with iDUS Controls, a Canadian engineering firm, and Irrometer, an American sensor manufacturer. This cost effective system is based on rigorous vineyard research by SmartVineyards, cutting-edge engineering by iDUS Controls, dependable sensors from Irrometer and a shared commitment to continuous, technological innovation.

About NW Vineyards Consulting

NW Vineyards Consulting is a Willamette Valley-based vineyard management consulting firm. It was founded in 2001 by Alan Campbell, PhD, a University of Michigan, Michigan State, and UC Davis-trained plant physiologist. For 15 years, Alan Campbell and NW Vineyards Consulting have provided consulting services to vineyard and winery owners throughout the Pacific NW. With the SmartVineyards plug-and-play irrigation monitoring system, NW Vineyards is expanding both its consulting and support services to vineyards and wineries throughout the west coast.

Any Suggestions?

What else would you like to monitor in your vineyard to manage better?

Irrigation and weather are just the first two sensor bundles that SmartVineyards will offer. We are evaluating many additional sensors, as part of our commitment to continuous innovation.

Would you like to monitor canopy growth and estimate total leaf area (LAI) with an under canopy light sensor? Or detect when stressed leaves have shut down with an infrared sensor? Or record the exact timing of hand work, sprays, or tractor passes with a vibration and electromagetic sensor? Or perhaps you'd like a daily or weekly photograph of vine growth?

Our SmartVineyard stations can accept a range of inexpensive, low-power sensors. What would you like to monitor in your vineyard to help you manage smarter?

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